Best KeyNote Speaker
Whether you're running a Fortune 500 business or just trying to get inspired to the next stage, you will learn a lot of lessons from top keynote speakers around the world.
Recognition for excellence in giving the best keynote speaker award is focused on: experience, competence, thematic creativity, consumer testimonials & references, presentation skills, original field contribution.
Best Organising Committee Member The member who works on plans and strategies to make the conference effective with proper implementation throughout the 6- month period deserves the best Organizing Committee member award. Although not a member who strictly speaks at the conference, a professional conference planner takes care of the event planning director and logistics. You can also carry on duties such as handling the code for abstract management or keynote speakers.
Best Speaker The best speaker award will be given based on Abstract provided, CV and lecture history. Also, a number …
Use the Gift of Gab and join the Exciting Colloquium at Rome, Italy
Welcome you at “2nd World Congress on Vaccines and Immunization", which will be held in Rome, Italy on June 15-16, 2020.
Objective: To educate people with recent advancements, innovations, and modernizations in the field of Vaccines, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, and Healthcare Vaccines Congress invites participants from universities, research institutions, societies, and diagnostic companies to share your explorations and research experiences on all related aspects of cardiology, providing a showcase of the latest techniques and innovations. Learning should be pleasurable. This event is designed to enhance knowledge about Vaccination and Immunology in a warm and friendly environment.  Motives to Attend Vaccines and Immunization 2020:

§ Keynote presentation along with interactions to galvanize the scientific community § Workshop and Symposiums to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Vaccines and Immun…

2nd World Congress on Vaccines and Immunization

2nd World Congress on Vaccines and Immunization
June 15-16, 2020
                                                                                                                 Rome, Italy

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the “2nd World Congress on Vaccines and Immunization - Vaccines 2020", which will be held in Rome, Italy on June 15-16, 2020.
Vaccines Congress 2019 meeting, focusing exclusively on Vaccines and Immunology and bringing together with all related disciplines to discover and discuss the latest research, with the goal of strengthening collaborative treatment approaches and enhancing patient care. We hope that this year’s congress will turn into a highlight by offering the best in the fields of Vaccines, Immunology, STD-AIDS, and Infectious Diseases. Because we consider that the essence of the medical world consists of combining all the clinical fields and recognizing the masterpieces and evolution in science, this year’s motto of our esteemed Congress is “I…